Halleluiah and Pass The Oil

I never thought I could be so excited about oil being below $125.00 per barrel, but then I never thought I’d see oil above $125.00 per barrel. Could this be the bubble bursting or is this just a head fake? Well, I for one hope that it is the bubble bursting and I venture to […]


Microchipping your pet

A few days ago there was a news clip on The Today Show about a family who lost their Beagle dog. Apparently the dog dug out under their fence and disappeared down the street. Someone must have picked the little Beagle dog up and took it with them. That was 5 years ago! The family […]


Choosing the correct vehicle to tow your trailer

If your are new to camping and either don’t have a camper or maybe looking to up grade to a larger camper, you need to know the facts about the capabilities of the vehicle with which you will be towing. (If you are a camper and have a motorhome, then this won’t apply to you.) […]