Return to Medina with the Cat

There are two things involved with this Blog. One is the problem we had with our camper and the other is bringing our cat that is 15 years old to the camper for the first time.

The first item is with the camper. Just before we left Medina around the 1st of December, the dump […]


Gas Prices Continue to Fall

Six months ago it looked like the price of oil and consequently the price of gas/diesel would continue to go ever higher, but it looks like that didn’t happen at least for now. I heard a quote by some so called expert that “the cure for the high price of gas, is the high price […]


People love their Pets

When I was growing up my family had a pet or two along the way, but I can’t ever remember having a pet last more than a year or two around the house. It seems like they either got run over by a car or just ran away. Since I’ve been married (41 years), we […]