How Fit are You? Does it Matter?

Tom T Hall, country and western singer, wrote a song about “Old Dogs and Children and Water Melon Wine”. One of the lines in the song says “I turned 65 about 11 months ago”. How appropriate for me! I did turn 65 about 11 months ago. If I’d known I was going to live this […]


Stuff…..Can you live without it?

I recently read a blog on Artful RV Adventures where the author, Mark, addressed the subject of stuff and the idea that perhaps we have too much of it. Sometimes I think that I have too much stuff and wonder whether or not I need to rid myself of a lot of it. However, I […]


Our Cat Adjusts to the Camper

I mentioned in an earlier post that we decided after camping for the last six years without our cat to take a chance and take the 15 year old cat with us to the Farm Country RV Park in Medina, Texas. She has cost us an arm and a leg over the past number of […]