Vehicles for towing campers

A few days ago I was eating dinner with some friends who like to camp but who do not yet have a camper. The question came up again about what type of truck and how big of a truck should they get if the wanted to pull a fifth wheel. Both of the friends have […]


Back From Medina

We left Medina, The Farm Country RV Park, today and returned to the massive traffic of Houston, TX. It is always so nice to be out in the Hill Country and not be bothered by all of the traffic mess that you encounter in a very large metropolitan area. Unfortunately we left Medina about an […]


Leaving Medina Again

Tomorrow we will have to pack up and leave The Farm Country RV Park and return home. We got out here this past Sunday and were only able to stay until Friday due to commitments back home. We will leave the camper here and return in March for a couple of weeks and then take […]