Still looking for camper

Well, we are into our third week without our camper. The odds of getting it back now are slim to none, but then you never know. I just hope that the theif who took it gets his/her just reward some day.

Last week my grandson and I went to Lake Conroe to fish from a […]


Camper still missing!! Do you know where your camper is?

Well, here we are into the second week of my camper gone missing. The absolute scum of the earth, dirt bag has not seen fit to recognized the error of his/hers ways and return my camper. Did I expect them to? Not really. When you are scum of the earth, what belongs to others is […]


All Points Bullentin…..Camper Stolen!!!!

It is hard to believe but some low life scumbag has stolen our 5th wheel trailer! We are in total shock! Cars and trucks are fairly easy to steal (I don’t know that from experience) but to steal a 14,000 pound 5th wheel trailer from a fenced and locked storage area took some planning.

We […]