It’s not the Camper, it’s the Camping!

My wife and I have been thinking about trading our present camper for a new one. However, with the economic conditions being what they are, we haven’t been able to make that leap yet. We have had our camper for about 6 years now and enjoy it but would like to have a few things […]


GPS……Do you really need it?

Global Positioning System, or just simply GPS is becoming as pervasive in our society as the ubiquitous cell phone has become. GPS is rapidly replacing and making extinct the art of map reading. In my opinion this is an absolute travesty. It is getting to the point that we can’t think for ourselves any more. […]


Pond Scum and Camping

Now why in the world would I want to talk about pond scum (algae) and camping. It could be that when you are camping you unexpectedly ended up next to a pond full of scum. That would not be a pretty sight with all that algae floating on top of the pond where you were […]