Camper too old for RV park?

I was reading a short article from the “Camping World” magazine a few days ago. There was an article written by a couple who were denied entry into a campground because their camper was more than 10 years old. What’s up with that! They said that eventhough their camper was over 10 years old, it […]


Return to The Farm Country RV Park…Almost

Things have been pretty quiet around This Old Campsite for the last couple of weeks. We retuned from our trip to Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico about 2 weeks ago. The Old Campsite camper needed some cleaning, acutally a lot, since it hadn’t had a bath in 6 weeks. After a long overdue washing, […]


All things must end….so our trip does.

We started our camping trip on the 27th of July and returned home yesterday. We had a good trip that took us 6115.5 miles from driveway to driveway. As usual, we enjoyed or trip and as usual, we had some interesting experiences. Some of our experiences are not so good but we always manage to […]