Back home again

SWe returned from our trip to Maryland a few days ago. We had a nice trip and stayed at some nice campgrounds and saw the fall leaves starting to turn. At our campground in Gettysburg, the leaves were well on their way to their fall beauty. However, as we went south along the east coast […]


A trip to Paula’s Place

We stopped in Savannah, GA because my wife wanted to visit the historic downtown of Savannah. Actually she wanted to visit and eat at Paula Deen’s restaruant “Lady and Sons”. We arrived here at Savannah South KOA campground about 1 pm. The weather was lousy today with a lot of rain. It rained hard just […]


A trip to Jamestown Settlement

Today we made the short trip from our campground north of Williamsburg down to Jamestown Settlement (the first permanet English settlement in Colonial America). Yesterday we visited Colonial Williamsburg where we took a tour of “The Governer’s Palace” and walked the streets of the reconstructed Colonial Williamsburg. We were told that of the three historical […]