Garner State Park

A few days ago I added Garner State Park to the Campsites page of my website. Since the campsite page of my website is to just tell about the basics of a campground, I can’t add some of my personal experiences of a particular place. This blog is a better place to add personal […]


Houston Auto Show

I don’t have any camper stuff to talk about today, so I thought I’d talk about the Houston Auto Show. My grandson likes the show so we usually go every year. I don’t particularly care to see any of the cars but I do like to go and see if there is anything new […]


If it’s Wednesday….it’s steak night at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar.

This blog was suppose to go out Thursday, but due to technical difficulties with my internet connection it has been delayed until today. Friday was a travel day back from The Farm Country RV Park.

Morning sunrise

Thursday morning started out much nicer than any of the other […]