Yesterday was lunch at Camp Verde

We have another foggy start to the day here at The Farm Country RV Park. This fog was supposed to lift in the late morning but here it is almost noon and it isn’t any better than when I first got up. There must be some strange atmospheric anomaly going on because we […]


It was a nice day at The Farm Country RV Park

Today turned out to be a very nice day here at The Farm Country RV Park after a very foggy start. The fog eventually gave way to a bright sunny day with the temperature warming up to the low seventys. This was very nice after the cold and rain of last week. According […]


Finally got camper back from repair.

We finally got the camper back from the repair shop this past Monday. Hopefully everything will go well and we will not have any major problems for a long time. Minors things tend to pop up with campers every time that they are pulled down the road. It becomes a necessity to learn […]