Could Rest Areas become a thing of the past?

In the November issue of “Highways Magazine” published by Good Sam Club, there was an article about Rest Areas or Safety Rest Areas (SRA). I found it interesting that some states are closing or haved closed a majority of their Rest Areas in the name of budget shortfalls. For example, Arizona is closing 13 […]


What Could Over Air TV & Dinosaurs Have in Common?

Over the air TV is free to anyone who has an antenna and digital TV. If some people have their way, free TV will go the way of the Dinosaurs and become extinct. I don’t know much about the movement but I have been hearing commercials on TV that state there is a […]


Happy New Year from This Old Campsite

Another year has come and gone and some will say that another decade has come and gone. However, since there was no year zero the decade doesn’t acutally end until the end of 2010. Could I be wrong about that? Not likely!

A friend of mine sent me an email that I thought […]