A windy ride home from Medina

We had to leave Medina, Texas and The Farm Country RV Park Saturday morning after completing our six month on and off stay in the Hill Country. We have been staying out there for the last 3 or 4 years and will be returning the 1st of November and will leave the camper there until […]


We made it to Medina even with the added weight of the Weber Grill.

In my last post I discussed the issue of adding more items to the camper which in turn adds to increased weight. Constantly adding weight can eventually result in a overweight condition which can overstress the camper and result in a greater fuel burn. I was a pilot and know about these things. So […]


What do I have in common with my camper?

We both gain a little weight with age. I gain weight because I eat a little more than I should and exercise less than I should to counteract the eating problem. My camper gains weight because my wife can’t stop buying more stuff to put in the camper. When we had our other […]