We had a good weekend at Lake Side RV Resort and Marina

As mentioned in my previous blog, we took a weekend trip to Lake Livingston and camped at Lake Side RV Resort and Marina. This campground is only about an hour and a half drive north of were we live. Therefore, it is a nice place to go for a weekend camping trip. We like […]


A short trip to a new campground on Lake Livingston.

Year before last, while at the Houston Camper Show, one of the vendors there was representing a new campground on Lake Livingston. The vendor told us that they had bought an existing older campground and had torn it down to rebuild it to their specifications. We’ve been wanting to come up here and camp […]


When it rains it pours!

This past Thursday we planned a trip out to Medina to pick up our ATVs that we leave there over the winter months. When we bring the camper home at the end of the season, we have to leave the ATVs until we can make an additional trip to retrieve them. We were going […]