Pre-Delivery Checklist for your RV

When we bought our first RV almost 8 years ago now, we didn’t know anything about RVs. Owning an RV (camper) is something that we had considered for a number of years but neither my wife or I had ever been around RVs much less gone camping in one. We thought that it was […]


RVs, Mountain Passes and off the beaten path roadways

At the end of this month, we will be heading back to Colorado where we will spend the month of August in Estes Park. With the thoughts of the Colorado mountains entering my mind come the thoughts of mountain highways and passes. I recently saw a reference to steep mountain highways in one of […]


Working on the road

When you read the title of this blog, you might think that I have a new job in road construction. However, I’m too old for road construction so I’ll have to use the meaning as “working while on a trip”.

Modern technology has made the concept of working away from the office or away […]