The camper still isn’t ready!

Today was decision day for our trip to Maryland. The decision was to call and cancel our reservation for Drummer Boy Camping Resort in Gettysburg, PA. It has been three weeks since I discovered the crack in the side of our Bighorn 5th Wheel and took it to our dealer. You would think that […]


An update on the cracks in our Bighorn RV

The previous post that I wrote told of the cracks that were found in the weld joints of our Bighorn 5th wheel. In that post I said that there might be other cracks in the front of the camper where the weld joints are cracked. A few days ago, the dealer called and told […]


Heartland Bighorn keeps on breaking

I wish the title to this blog wasn’t true, but alas, it is. I have written on this blog before about the problems that we have had with our new Bighorn 5th wheel camper. About 2 months ago, I thought that everything had been fixed and we were good to go for a period […]