What’s at the next exit?

It’s that time of year to start making those summer travel plans. This weekend is Memorial Day which more or less kicks off the summer travel season. Some folks will be traveling by air, some will be traveling by car and then those of us who are fortunate will be traveling by RV. However, […]


The Low Life Scum Bags Strike Again

The last time I was at my trailer in the storage area I noticed that there was a crack in a small piece of the caulking at the front end cap. I had purchased some caulking and went to the trailer today to caulk that area. Since rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, […]


Proper Holding Tank Use

I was going through some of my camping information that I collect from time to time and I found some info on proper holding tank use. I though that this might be useful to share.

Most RVs have at least two holding tanks. One is for “black water” which is the commode. The other […]