A few days in La Veta, Colorado

The fourth night of our road trip was spent in La Veta, Colorado. In fact we spent three nights in La Veta at a small campground that we have stayed at about 4 times. We enjoy it because it is small and the owners are very nice. We have a beautiful view of the […]


A change of plans

We had to change our travel plans a little due to a problem that arose with the truck. The day that we were leaving on this trip when I tried to start the truck, it took a lot longer to start than usual. We are only talking another 5 seconds but that wasn’t normal. […]


On the road to Colorado

We started our annual trip to Colorado yesterday, 6/18. We can’t wait to get there and hopefully get out of this oppressive heat that has a grip on the south and especially Texas. Our trip will take us to La Veta, CO, Creede, CO, Colorado Springs, CO and then to Estes Park, CO. We […]