Stay connected while on the road

I was reading an article today on the subject of WiFi in campgrounds. It brought to mind how our ability to stay connected while traveling has changed very rapidly over the past several years.

When I first started traveling in our 5th Wheel, not many campgrounds had Internet connections and those who did had […]


I went fishing today

So what does fishing have to do with a RV and camping blog? Well, for starters, people who camp also like to fish. Fishing is one of those activities that many campers partake in while on their camping excursion. I usually take some fishing gear with me on our camping trips. The gear that […]


Old and unusual RVs

I was looking around the Internet today and I came across a video of some old and unusual looking RVs of days gone by. A few of the pictures look like they were taken in the RV/MH Hall of Fame but most of them were very unusual and ones that I have not […]