A camping trip to the beach

I just checked my calendar and realized that it has been almost two weeks since my last blog. I guess I’m falling down on the job so I need to pay more attention a write more often.

We are down in Port Aransas at Gulf Waters Beach Front Resort and RV Community. This is our third trip to this very nice RV Park. It is located on Mustang Island and is on the beach side of Highway 361. Therefore we have easy access to the beach and only have to walk about a hundred yards to the walkway that crosses the sand dune to the beach.

We departed The Woodlands Sunday morning for the four and a half hour drive. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, we are creatures of habit and have our favorite places where we like to stop. Coming down Highway 59 there are two places that we always stop but not always at both on the same trip. One of the places is Hinze Barbecue in Wharton, Texas. Hinze has some of the best barbecue that you can find in Texas. They also offer the best side orders of any barbecue place that I know of. The other place that we almost always stop at, is Prasek’s Smokehouse in Hillje, Texas, just a little farther down Highway 59 from Wharton. Prasek’s offers some really good meats that they process locally. It’s kind of like a meat market, smokehouse, gift shop, bakery and a place for some good sandwiches all rolled into one. It is very popular and always crowded. Because of their popularity, they just did a major renovation and enlarged the place. On this trip, we stopped at Prasek’s because it was lunch time on Sunday and the after church crowd had already gathered at Hinze’s. Parking would have been a little difficult with the camper but not impossible.

On this trip we brought one of our daughters and her four children. The oldest grandchild is 11 and the youngest is 14 months. Fortunately we have a 38 foot camper that does a good job of accomodating the seven of us. I brought a six pack of patience pills to keep me mellow. I’m not as excited about the beach as I once was but the kids seem to really enjoy it.

Speaking of the beach, things are not as good as they should be here. The beaches here are usually very nice, much nicer than up in the Galveston area. There are no tar balls here but the seaweed is incredible this year. Yesterday it wasn’t too bad but this morning when we went out the seaweed was unbearable. I have never seen so much seaweed, except for when I was in Galveston last week. It is so bad that you can not get into the water. We were disappointed for the kids but they found a way to have some fun. The seaweed was bringing with it a bunch of small crabs so the kids spent a little time catching the small crabs in their sand buckets. They brought the crabs back to the camper but they have since died. The crabs, not the kids!

Well it is 5 o’clock, so it is time for one of those patience pills!

Prasek's Smokehouse

Prasek's Smokehouse


Bighorn Camper

Camper parked at Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Park


Jane and kids at beach

Jane with Eric, Colby and Devin at seaweed infested beach

Seagulls at beach

Seagulls waiting for lunch



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