A change of plans

We had to change our travel plans a little due to a problem that arose with the truck. The day that we were leaving on this trip when I tried to start the truck, it took a lot longer to start than usual. We are only talking another 5 seconds but that wasn’t normal. The next start was normal so I wasn’t too concerned. However, the next day in Wichita Falls the same thing happened. The next start was almost normal but not exactly. I was trying to decide if it was a starter problem, a battery problem or a fuel problem.

Since we were stopping in Amarillo, I decided that it would be prudent to have the truck looked at before we continued on to a destination that might not have a diesel repair facility. I was up early the next morning in Amarillo and was waiting for the GM repair shop to open. I have found that diesel mechanics are somewhat scarce. It was the third try that I found someone to look at the truck. After a diagnostic check, it was found that there is a problem with the fuel filter housing. The one way check valve is allowing fuel to flow back from the filter to the fuel tank. That was the good news! The bad news was that the part could not be found anywhere in the country according to the service guy. The part is on indefinite back order! Can you believe that? A part that is essential to the operation of a vehicle can’t be found! The temporary fix is that if I need to, I’ll have to prime the fuel filter in the morning before the first start. So I paid my $95.00 diagnostic fee and went back to the Oasis RV Park where we were staying.

Our next stop was to be Raton, NM. The plan was to arrive just after lunch and then go out to the Capulin Volcano which is 30 miles back to the east. Since we had lost half a day we decided to stop at the Capulin RV Park right there on Highway 64. We have driven past the Capulin RV Park many times but since the park is very small we didn’t think we could get our 38 foot fifth wheel in there. My wife called and the owner said that there would be no problem. We are glad that we made the stop. The park is small but they have several pull thrus that easily accommodated our rig. The owners are very nice and told us to take our time checking out so that we would have plenty of time to visit the volcano.

Our next stop was to be La Veta, CO, which is where we are now. We are staying at the Elk Valley RV Park. By stopping at the Capulin RV Park we were able to get back on the original schedule. We will be here for a few days. Tomorrow we will go to the Great Sand Dunes National National Park and Preserve for the benefit of our granddaughter.

Capulin RV Park

Capulin RV Park Entrance


Capulin Volcano

Capulin Volcano as seen from Capulin RV Park


On the volcano

On the rim of the Capulin Volcano



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