A few days in La Veta, Colorado

The fourth night of our road trip was spent in La Veta, Colorado. In fact we spent three nights in La Veta at a small campground that we have stayed at about 4 times. We enjoy it because it is small and the owners are very nice. We have a beautiful view of the Spanish Peaks to the south of the campground.

When we travel we sometimes carrying a couple of bicycles with us and attach them to the ladder on the back of the trailer. I see many other RVers doing the same thing and since bicycle racks are made just for that purpose, I didn’t think there would be a problem carrying the bicycles on the ladder. In fact we carried bikes on the ladder of our Everest for almost 7 years and for the last two years on this trailer without a problem. Do you get a sense that there might be a problem?

When I got up in La Veta the morning after we arrived,  I walked around to back of the trailer and noticed that the bikes were at a strange angle. Upon closer inspection, I could see that the ladder was broken. Five of the six standoffs that hold the ladder were broken. Actually it was the screws that attach the standoffs that were broken. What a revolting development this was! Thankfully the ladder was not broken where it attaches to the roof of the trailer.

There is usually good news and bad news in a situation like this. The bad news was obviously that the ladder was broken. The good news is that we only traveled from Capulin to La Veta, a distance of 103 miles. The ladder and bikes were okay when we left Capulin so the ladder broke somewhere before La Veta. Had we been driving onto Estes Park we would probably have lost the bikes and the entire ladder.

I had been concerned about carrying the bikes on the ladder since I talked with a fellow camper in Glacier National Park. He was parked next to us and saw our bikes on the ladder. He related to me how on his way to Glacier National Park he was carrying his bikes on his ladder. Somewhere along the way his ladder seperated from his trailer. He didn’t know it had happened until he arrived at the park. He advised me not to carry bikes on the ladder but I continued to do so anyway. I made it another 4 or 5 years before this tradjedy.

I had to come up with a solution for my problem. I had to fix the ladder and then figure out how to carry the bikes other than on the ladder. I was able to fix the ladder because I had to fix it twice over the last two years. The ladder had broken twice while I was climbing on it. There is a problem with this ladder in the way it has been installed. I’m not exactly a light weight but neither am I over weight so the fact that it had broken twice before would seem to say there is a design problem.

After the fix, we enjoyed our few days in La Veta. We made a trip out to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve on one day and then made a trip up to the little town of Cuchara. The rest of the time we spent just chilling out.


Broken ladder on back of trailer



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