A hard to find water leak

Over the last several months, we have had a strange situation where I find water in the storage area of the RV. When I look for what must be a leak, I can’t find any signs of a leak. I clean the water out and it stays dry for awhile and then I find water again. There is no sign of a steady leak. Several times I have removed the contents of the storage compartment so that I can remove the panel that exposes the water lines. The water seems to start at the panel but there is no water line there and no sign of a leak.

Yesterday, as I was pulling some stuff out of the storage area, I noticed a large puddle of water right in the middle of the compartment. This is really perplexing and I need to figure it out! So I take all of the stuff in the compartment out and pull the panels to expose the water lines. Again, there is no visible leak from any of the water hoses.

My camper has one of those small compartments where most of the outside connections are located. There is a large hole with a screw on/off plug. All of the hoses and wires come up through this hole. The compartment is boxed in and is sealed so any water that drips out of the water hoses will stay in the compartment and exit the large hole. At least that’s the way I think it is supposed to work.

So as I’m sitting in the storage compartment pondering the situation, I noticed some water coming from under the hose connection compartment that extends into the storage area. How can water be coming from that connection compartment? I went around and looked inside and noticed that there was a very small drip out of the water hose connection. Then I realized that there was a small puddle of water in the bottom of that compartment. I looked around the back side and saw a small trickle of water coming out the backside. Apparently, the caulking had broken down and the water that was collecting in the bottom was seeping into the storage area.

I tightened the water hose connection and clean out the water. I didn’t have any caulking available so I made a temporary fix by using some very sticky aluminum tape. I will have to get some caulking and recaulk the bottom of the hose connection compartment.

So there were two problems that caused this water in the compartment. One was a small leak at the city water connection and the other was a bad caulking job allowing the dripping water to get into the storage compartment. Since I made my temporary fix, the storage compartment has remained dry. The reason that my problem was intermittent, was that sometimes I didn’t get the city water connection tight enough and it dripped. When I had a tight fit and no drip, there was no water in the compartment.

There are a lot of campers with the same type of centralized hose connection area. So if you are having some water in your storage area, you might take a look and make sure you have a water tight seal in that hose connection compartment.

Hose connections

Intergrated hose connection compartment


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