A trip to Campingworld

Why would I blog about a trip to Campingworld? I guess the answer should be, “because that is where we went today and I don’t have anything else to blog about”. However, there was a good reason to go to Campingworld. We started the process of buying stuff for the new camper that we will be taking delivery of in a couple of weeks. We should be thinking about just moving the stuff from our old camper into the new camper, but some low life thief stole our camper and all of the things that we had aquired over 6 1/2 years. We are now faced with the task of trying to restock a new camper.

Bighorn by Heartland

My wife and I have talked about our loss many times, and several times today. This has been a traumatic and disheartening experience for us. We both had the same feeling today that we just didn’t have the same excitement that we experienced when we bought our 1st and only camper. After we purchased that first camper, my wife was always excited about going to camper stores and looking for new things to put in the camper. Today it was more like a chore and lacked any form of excitement. We both know that after we move everything into the new camper, the excitement will return. As we return to taking trips, we will start to aquire personal things like we did before.

The main reason for the trip to Campingworld today was to pick up somethings that we will need for next week. We will be going camping but in a rented travel trailer. Next week is our scheduled annual trip to the Frio River and Parkview Riverside RV Park. We make the trip each year with our daughter and her children. When the kids learned that we might not go to the river since Nanny and Papa didn’t have a camper, they were devistated. So in order not to disappoint them, we decided to rent a camper for the week. My daughter and son-in-law don’t have a camper and therefore have to rent one each year now. The first few years that we went out to the Frio, we managed to get all of them in our camper. However, since the kids are getting bigger, it became necessary for them to get their own camper. We haven’t been able to talk them into buying a camper… they just rent one each year.

Camping World


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