A trip to Capulin Volcano

We stayed here in Raton, NM at the Raton KOA for an additional day in order to take our grandson out to the Capulin Volcano. The Capulin Volcano is one of several that make up the Raton/Clayton Volcanic field. It is the most prominent of the volcano cones that can be seen in this area and has been made a National Monument. There is a road that winds around the volcano in a spiral that ends in a parking area which overlooks the crater. You can walk down a trail that descends about 110 feet to the plugged vent tube. There is also a 1 mile trail that takes you around the rim of the volcano. The highest point on the hike is 8181 feet. There are some very impressive views from the rim of this volcano and at it’s highest point you can see 4 states; New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas.

If you happen to be traveling through the northeast corner on New Mexico, it is worth a visit to the Capulin Volcano. We stayed in Raton but there is a small RV park in the small town of Capulin. I think the name of the park is Capulin RV Park.

As we were leaving the Capulin Volcano, we noticed a sign pointing out that the Folsom Museum was open. What’s the Folsom Museum? We had some time on our hands so we turned right instead of left and headed for Folsom to see what was in the Folsom Museum. My wife and I like going to small out of the way places just to see what’s there. As we made our way to Folsom, we wondered to ourselves what could possibly be in a museum in the middle of miles of ranch land. Eight miles down the road we came into the town of Folsom. Most of the structures were in serious disrepair including the small building that housed the Folsom Museum. Entry fee was $1.50 for adults and $.50 for children. The museum contained old items that represented the life as it was many years ago in the Folsom area. Folsom flourished in the late 1800s and was part of the Santa Fe trail. At one time there were about 800 residents but today only about 80 folks still live in Folsom. It was an interesting visit but not a place we’d want to visit again.

We had one more thing that we wanted to do before we departed Raton and headed north into Colorado.  We were told that the road that goes out to Ted Turner’s ranch was worth a drive to see all of the wildlife along the road.  Because the road dead ends into Ted Turner’s ranch, there is very little traffic so going slow to look for wildlife was not a problem.  We had heard about this several times so we decided to see what was down the road.  The trip is 30 miles one way to the dirt road going into the ranch.  All we saw on our 60 mile round trip was 1 mule deer and several donkeys.  We had hoped to see some of the many bears, elks, turkeys and anything else of interest.  Well it was a bust!

Capulin Volcano Sign

Sign at entrance to Capulin National Monument


Family on hiking paath

Jane, Bradley and Grant on Capulin Volcano rim path


Folsom Museum

Folsom Museum in Folsom, NM



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