A trip to Concan…without our camper.

We were scheduled to go to Parkview Riverside RV Park in Concan, Texas this past week to meet several other couples for a week of relaxing in the Frio River and enjoying each others company. After our trailer was stolen, I notified the group that we would not be able to make the trip since we were camperless. Nonsense was the reply! We were invited to stay with Warren and Myra in their camper, so we did make the trip but only stayed three days. Warren contributes camping articles to This Old Campsite.

The goup that we were with, have a camping club that seems to be loosely organized. They go by the name of “Farts in the Breeze RV Club”. Perhaps a more sophisticated way of naming the club would have been “Flatulence in the Breeze RV Club”. However, flatulence just doesn’t have the same ring as farts. The clubs agenda is to get together and have a good time and enjoy the good food that each couple takes turns preparing. My wife and I were inducted into the club by way of a very grueling process…we showed up and they accepted us. What a great deal!

Shirt picture
Group Picture

So there we were at Parkview Riverside RV Park on the Frio River just across from Garner State Park. So what did we do? We relaxed and enjoyed the company of new friends and some old friends. We spent time in the cold waters of the Frio River and ate a lot of good food. On one day, three of us decided to make the trek up Old Baldy. It is a fairly steep climb and gains about 350 feet in altitude. By the time we reached the top we were a little winded. Next year we might need an oxygen tank and defibrillator for the weaker links…that’s not me. We had such a good time that we plan on making this an annual event. Besides the old farts, of the “Farts in the Breeze RV Club”, need a reason to get together.

Brad Joe Mike

Warren and his wife Myra along with Joe and his wife Leah are leaving Parkview Riverside and going to Helena, MT. They are going to visit with Joe and Leah’s son and to attend a graduation. When they leave Helena, they plan to take their time getting home and will do some sightseeing in some of the national parks. As you can see below, Joe is prepared in case it is still winter in Montana.

Joe Quebedeux

So, on your travels if you should run across folks wearing Tee Shirts with “Farts in the Breeze RV Club”, stop by an say hello. There will always be food for another couple.

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