A trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas

A few weeks ago my wife and I decided that we needed to take another trip. After all we had been home for at least 3 weeks, so we needed another break. We didn’t need a long trip, just something short that might get us out of the persistent heat of Texas. We picked a weeks trip to Branson, MO but before we left the plans changed to maybe a week in Hot Springs, Arkansas. On our first night out we stayed at Sunrise RV Park in Texarkana, Arkansas. When we realized that we were only a few hours from Hot Springs and the temperature wasn’t much better than we left in Texas, we decided to press on to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We had been there about 15 years ago before we were camping, so we figured a return visit would be good.

As I said, our first night on the road was in Texarkana, AR at the Sunrise RV Park. We could tell that that part of Arkansas was experiencing the same type of drought that we were having in Texas. We were hoping to find greener pastures than we had at home but it wasn’t to be found in that part of Arkansa. That’s why we decided to go on the the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas. We heard on the local weather news that the northern part of Arkansas had had more rain than the southern part.

When we arrived here in Eureka Springs at the Wanderlust RV Park, the storm clouds were building. We could see by the green grass on the way up that they had had some rain in the recent past and were about to receive some more. By the time we got parked at the site and leveled the camper, the rains began to fall. I managed to get the electrics hooked up and the slides out before the bottom fell out of the clouds. Not only did it rain like a cow peeing on a flat rock, but we had about 10 minutes of fairly heavy hail. We had rain all night long and into the morning. There was a break later in the morning but then the rains came again that afternoon. It was nice to see the rain fall but it would have been nicer if the rain had been at home where we really need it. That’s not to say that they didn’t need it here, but boy could we use it in Texas!

Seldom do we take a trip in the RV that we don’t experience some event. Our event on this trip was that the left front wheel bearing on my truck went out. I believe that God looks after children and old people. Since I’m not a child, then I’m the latter. I had noticed a few days before that when I turned the steering wheel fairly sharply, there was a strange grinding noise. It didn’t happen very often but I was concerned. The day after we arrived in Eureka Springs, the noise became much louder. I then knew that I had to find out what was wrong. I have a GMC truck and the nearest GMC dealer is about 50 miles from Eureka Springs. I took the advise of the owner of this park and went to the independent car repair just across the street from the campground. Withing a few minutes they found the bad bearing on the left side. They wheel was so loose that I doubt I would have driven 50 miles without the wheel coming off. The repair was complete the next morning and everything is copacetic for the time being.

We have enjoyed our stay here in Eureka Springs. We went down to War Eagle to their annual craft show and festival. It was interesting but we didn’t find anything that we couldn’t live without. We have mostly relaxed without doing a great deal of anything. That was our main reason for coming up here. We spent a few hours in downtown Eureka Springs today and my wife did manage to find a few things that she couldn’t live without. Tomorrow we will leave here and go to Hot Springs and spend one day there. We will stop in Canton, TX and be home by Monday afternoon.

Downtown Eureka Springs

Downtown Eureka Springs


Christ of the Ozarks

Christ of The Ozarks Statue



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