A trip to Intercourse, PA

We were in Gettysburg, PA a week ago visiting with our son and his family. Since my son works during the day and the grand kids are in school, we needed something to do to fill our time. We had a couple of days where we were not going to be with the family so we took advantage of that and did a little touring around. We thought that it might be a good idea to go to Lancaster County where the main Amish communities are located. As I was perusing the map, I noticed a town named Intercourse, PA. Well that sealed the deal! With a name like that, I needed to be able to say I visited Intercourse at least once.

Intercourse, PA is just down the road from Bird In Hand, PA. Intercourse, Bird In Hand…where did these names come from? There are several theories as to where these names came from, especially Intercourse, but I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. Intercourse was formerly called “Cross Keys” for a tavern that sat at the intersection of two main roads in the area.

The main attraction to this area is to visit and view the Amish lifestyle. The Amish people maintain a very simple lifestyle and shun many of our modern conveniences. They live their lives as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. This is what attracts millions of visitors a year to this part of Pennsylvania. Along with the viewing of the Amish people riding around in their buggies and seeing how they do their farming, there are a plethora of gift shops and farmers markets willing to separate you and your money. They always manage to get to my wife!

Our day in the Amish country would not be complete without having either lunch or dinner at one of the Amish restaurants. We had a lunch buffet at one of the local restaurants and it was very good. We don’t usually eat that big of a lunch but it was well worth the extra calories that we put on.

City limit sign

Sign for Intercourse, PA

Horse and buggy

Banking by horse and buggy

Places to shop in Intercourse

Places to spend money in Intercourse

Wife and dog

Jane and Missy shopping for a bargin



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