A trip to Jamestown Settlement

Today we made the short trip from our campground north of Williamsburg down to Jamestown Settlement (the first permanet English settlement in Colonial America). Yesterday we visited Colonial Williamsburg where we took a tour of “The Governer’s Palace” and walked the streets of the reconstructed Colonial Williamsburg. We were told that of the three historical cities (Yorktown, Williamsburg and Jamestown), that Jamestown was the most interesting. We will not have time to visit Yorktown so we can only say that Jamestown Settlement was much more interesting to us than Williamsburg. Not having ever been to this area, it was interesting to learn that the reconstruction of Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown is being guided by arcealogical digs on the original sites. In the construction process, nothing is done unless it can be proved that it is fact. There is a blacksmith shop in Colonial Williamsburg that makes all of the nails and metal hings, locks, etc so that realism is maintained. It is and has been a very ambitious achivement. My hat is off to the folks who have made these areas appear as they were 400 years ago.

There is truly a lot of history here in Virginia. We could have spent more time at each place that we visited, if we had the time. We plan to come back here next year and see some of the other historical sights in the area. Tomorrow we will be heading down I-95 and will stop in Savannah, GA. My wife thinks that Paula Deen’s place in Savannah is a historical sight. She is in love with Paula and her cook books. We are going to try to get into her restuarant, but it will be difficult due to her huge popularity. My wife called the restuarant today and were told that you have to be in line about 8:30 am to get a reservation for dinner mainly because Paula is in the area signing books. Not worth it to me, but it would be the highlight of the trip for my wife if we could make it happen!


Modern entrance to Jamestown Settlement
Jamestown Settlement

Entrance to reconstructed fort
Jamestown Settlement

One of three reconstructed ships
Jamestown Settlement

Powhatan indian villiage
Jamestown Settlement


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