A trip to Paula’s Place

We stopped in Savannah, GA because my wife wanted to visit the historic downtown of Savannah. Actually she wanted to visit and eat at Paula Deen’s restaruant “Lady and Sons”. We arrived here at Savannah South KOA campground about 1 pm. The weather was lousy today with a lot of rain. It rained hard just as we got here and continued to rain off and on for the rest of the afternoon. Because of the rainy weather, we had hopes that maybe people would not go into town and eat at Paula’s. We went into town, about 18 miles away, around 4 pm. When we checked with the hostess, she said that we could get a reservation for 9:45 pm. That’s really late for old people to eat! I’m usually in bed by 10:30 pm. Oh well, maybe next year when we come back. At least we were able to visit Paula’s store adjacent to the restaruant and spend some of our money. What, another cook book!!

It just dawned on me that some of you reading this may not know what I’m talking about, especially you guys. You have to be into cooking to know who Paula Deen is. She is a cook who lives here in Savannah and has a very popular cooking show on the cooking channel. She almost has a cult following and my wife belongs to the cult. She loves Paula Deen and I have to admit that I have watched her on TV with my wife.

Since we couldn’t get into “Lady and Sons”, we went down the ladder and went to her brother’s restaruant. I has become a family afair with the cooking thing here in Savannah. Paula’s brother has a place called “Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House”. It is about 7 miles from Paula’s place and was highly recommended by several people. It was a big hit! A very nice place with really good food. I don’t know if they have a band every night, but they had one tonight. It was a Blue Grass band and they were pretty good. They provided some good toe tapping hand clapping Blue Grass music. I would suggest that if you get to Savannah, that you go to Uncle Bubba’s for a seafood dinner.

I have to confess that I made a big mistake. We got downtown Savannah and my wife asked if I had brought the camera. Oh crap! I totally forgot the camera. We were rushing around to get out of the camper and with the rain, I just flat forgot the camera. I had wanted to get a picture of the wife in front of Paula’s restaruant. For someone who takes a lot of pictures for the website, it was a big mistake. I was just sick about it. O well, s..t happens!



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