A trip to the RV/MH Hall of Fame

We recently made a trip to Elkhart, IN to have our Bighorn 5th wheel camper repaired at the Heartland factory. Since the repairs were scheduled to take at least three days, we had to find some things to do to fill our time. There’s not a great deal to do in Elkhart unless you want to stand on the street and count the campers as they pass by. For those who may not know, the city of Elkhart and Elkhart county is the place where the majority of RVs are made. Therefore, there are a multitude of campers coming and going all of the time. We didn’t want to stand on the street and count campers, so we had to find other things to occupy our time.

With Elkhart being the heart of camper land, it was a natural to build the RV/MH Hall of Fame in that community. There was no way that as RVers we would be able to leave Elkhart without doing the tour of the Hall of Fame. We used our last afternoon in Elkhart to go to the Hall of Fame.

We weren’t sure what to expect but were very pleased with the way things were layed out and with the displays. The main display room is of the RVs of the past. There is a smaller room where there are a few modern campers on display. Upstairs there is a library with thousands of books related to the camping industry. Then there is the display of photos of all of the people from the camping industry who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

This year the RV industry is celebrating the 100th year of RVing. Therefore, it was very appropriate to visit the Hall of Fame this year and see how the RV industry evolved. If you find yourself close to the Elkhart area, I highly recommend that you take time to visit the RV/MH Hall of Fame.

Front of building

RV/MH Hall of Fame

Campers in Hall of Fame

Start of display room

Picture of camper

Wife in camper doorway

Old Campers

More campers on display

Interesting Camper

Interesting looking motorhome of the past

Early Travel Trailer

Early Travel Trailer

Display from above

Display room picture from the upper balcony



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