A trip to the Texas Hill Country

We haven’t been to the Hill Country in almost a year. For a number of years, we kept our RV at the Farm Country RV Park close to Medina, Texas. We would leave it there for about four months out of the year and go out for about 10 days each month. We have a number of friends in the RV park so we want to stay in touch with them by visiting at least once a year. Of course, we love the Hill Country and don’t really need an excuse to go.

We also have some friends who have a place close to Garner State Park. So for this trip we went to visit them for a couple of days before heading over to the Farm Country RV Park. Garner State Park is another place that we use to visit each year when our children were young. It is a beautiful place and we never get tired of going there.

Our friends from near Garner State Park took us to a restaurant in Utopia, TX. Utopia is only about 19 miles from their place, so it was a nice drive for a great dinner. The restaurant that we went to is the Laurel Tree Restaurant which is owned by a lady Chef who seems to have some high credentials in the culinary business. They are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday for dinner. It is very popular and reservations are required. It is also a little pricey but worth it.

So far the camping portion of this trip, we went to Medina as I said earlier. For us, a camping trip isn’t complete unless we have some sort of problem. I hate to say that because we do go camping without problems sometimes.

So on the first night at the campground, when my wife went to take a shower, we found out that we had no hot water. In this case, not hot water meant that there was no water flow from the hot water side of the faucet. I had turned on the heater for the water and confirmed that in fact the water tank was full and the gas heater was on and working normally. We just had no water flow from the hot side. The cold water was fine, but who wants to take a cold shower and wash dishes with cold water? Not me! Since it dark, there wasn’t much I could do until morning.

The next morning I got out my tool box, put on my thinking hat and got right to it. Without going into great detail, I found the problem. The check valve that allows water to flow out of the water heater but prevents water from flowing back into the water heater was stuck closed. I found another valve locally but was not able to remove the old valve because the threads were rusted preventing me from turning the valve with my limited tool set. Fortunately, I was able to stick a screw driver into the back of the old valve and free it up. The water flowed normally but I knew that this wasn’t a permanent fix. We had hot water until the last night there. It stopped flowing again but since we were leaving the next morning, I left it alone until we got home. This will be the basis for an article that I will write detailing what procedure it took to make a permanent fix.

We had to leave the Hill Country but we will be back next year if not earlier.

Bighorn fith wheel

Our Bighorn 5th wheel parked at the Farm Country RV Park

Camp Verde General Store

Camp Verde General Store and restaurant


Front view of Laurel Tree restaurant


Back of the Laurel Tree restaurant


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