A visit to Graceland

We were passing through Memphis, TN and ‘found a new place to dwell at the end of Lonely street behind the Heartbreak Hotel’. We stayed at the Memphis-Graceland RV Park and Campground. It is literally, as the song says, “Down at the end of Lonely Street”. Instead of being in the Heartbreak Hotel, we were behind the hotel. Lonely street is about the shortest street that I have ever seen. It might be all of 300 yards as all it does is come off of Elvis Presely Blvd and dead end into the campground.

We were on our way back from Maryland and decided to come back through Memphis so that we could visit Graceland. We figured that if we didn’t do it as a side trip we probably would never make a special trip just to visit Graceland. The campground was convenient since it is adjacent to the Graceland ticket office. All you have to do is walk through a gate in the fence of the campground and you are in the Graceland parking lot.

Graceland sign

We were surprised that Graceland isn’t as big as we expected it to be. The main house was a little disappointing and you can’t go upstairs. All you see is the bottom floor and the basement room. There were a few other out buildings but nothing that I would call spectacular like I had expected with all of the money that Elvis made. It was an interesting tour, but not something that I would ever go back to see. I think that the Elvis souvenir shops were a little over done, but that’s me. I like Elvis, but a little Elvis goes a long way.

If you should go to Graceland for a visit, I recommend the Memphis-Graceland RV Park and Campground. There is also a good place to eat barbecue. It is Marlowe’s Ribs & Restaurant located about a mile south of Graceland. The restaurant has a lot of Elvis memorabilla. They will come to the campground and pick you up in a pink Caddy and take you back to the campground.

They say that Elvis is burried at Graceland. We even saw his grave. However, he keeps showing up in Las Vegas all the time, so I’m not sure. What do you think?


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