A windy ride home from Medina

We had to leave Medina, Texas and The Farm Country RV Park Saturday morning after completing our six month on and off stay in the Hill Country. We have been staying out there for the last 3 or 4 years and will be returning the 1st of November and will leave the camper there until the 1st of April 2011. We really enjoy our trips to the Texas Hill Country and have made some very nice friends at the park.

Friday night we decided to take in a local rodeo event at the Twin Elms Guest Ranch in Bandera, Texas (the self proclaimed cowboy capital of the world). Before going to the rodeo we went to the Friday night all-you-can-eat catfish fry at the Koyote Ranch RV Park which is about six miles north of Medina, Texas. The folks at the Koyote Ranch do a great job of preparing the fish and the fixings that go with it. They cook catfish almost as good as I do, but not quite.


Twin Elm Rodeo Arena

The rodeo wasn’t big, but it was fun. We backed the truck up to the arena, sat on the tailgate and watched the activities. The rodeo consisted of bullriding, barrel racing and mutten busting. The mutten busting featured kids under 12 years of age riding sheep like they were riding bulls. Later the sheep were released in the arena and the kids had to chase the sheep and take a ribbon off the sheep. Those who had the ribbons won. What was interesting is that two of the winners were from The Woodlands where we live.

Early Saturday morning a cold front blew through bringing with it heavy rain and lightning. About the time I got out of bed and went out to start the outside preperations for hooking up, the wind started to blow and the temperature dropped as the wind rose. It wasn’t much fun fighting the wind and cold as I put things together outside and hooked up the trailer. I had to go inside several times to warm up before I could continue. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the wind hadn’t been blowing 40 miles per hour.

The wind was relentless all the way home. For the part of the trip to Hondo, Texas the wind was a tailwind and I was getting about 13 miles per gallon. When we hit Hondo and I turned east, the wind became a direct crosswind at about 40 miles per hour with gusts. The wind was so bad I couln’t take my hands off the wheel long enough to send some text messages. The strong cross wind cut my fuel burn down to 10.2 miles per gallon. I usually only have to stop once for diesel but when we stopped in Sealy to eat, I decided to top off because I knew that I would have to turn directly into the wind when we hit Houston.

In true fashion we got home after dark so I had to back the camper into the side street without much light. It doesn’t matter what time we leave, we just seem to always get home after dark. I guess there would be no challenge if it was daylight?

Jane and Bradley on back of truck

Jane and Bradley on back of truck at the rodeo


Boy on Sheep

Mutten busting at the rodeo


Bull riding

Bull riding



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  • mom42boys

    texting while driving Brad??? Just want to know… if you could text while flying… would you??? 🙂 Deb

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