Alamo Springs Cafe and the Bat Tunnel

Yesterday we went for lunch at the Alamo Springs Cafe in Fredericksburg, TX. Our original plan was to go for lunch at the Camp Verde General Store. However, some friends of ours here at The Farm Country RV Park asked us if we had ever been for hamburgers at the Bat Tunnel. Since I had never heard of the Bat Tunnel, my answer was no we haven’t. They told us that this place was supposed to have the best hamburgers in the state but it isn’t exactly close by. However, it was a beautiful day and I’m always up for a drive in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

So my question was, do they really serve hamburgers in a Bat Tunnel? Well no! The Alamo Springs Cafe is located next to the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area and there is a tunnel there that is home to 3 million Mexican Free-tail bats. That was good to know! I wasn’t looking forward to having to wade through bat guano to get to my table.

The trip from The Farm Country RV Park to the Alamo Springs Cafe took us through Center Point, Comfort and up Old San Antonio Road to the cafe. I suppose the total distance from here is about 30 miles. It was a nice trip on a very narrow road. As we were making our way, my buddy Leary, was beginning to think that we were on the wrong road. After all, he’d only been there once and that was several years ago. I had no clue and I didn’t think he did either. No, we didn’t have a GPS but we finally found it.

The Alamo Springs Cafe is as they say, “in the middle of nowhere”. It is truly out in the country situated in what looks like an old farm house. It is about 10.5 miles from Fredericksburg and about 13 miles from Comfort. If you don’t know where either of these places are, then maybe you’ve heard of Luckenbach, Texas. It’s not too far from there.

We came for hamburgers and hamburgers we got! You can order the hamburger any way that you want but they all come out freshly made and big. If you are not into burgers they have other sandwiches that you can order. They are open for dinner and have a nightly dinner special.

They were rated by Texas Monthly Magazine as having one of the top 3 hamburgers in the state. The one that was written up in the Texas Monthly Magazine comes with green chilies, grilled onions, avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, and is served on a jalapeno cheese bread. My wife and I had one each but she wimped out on the bread and went with wheat. It was the biggest hamburger I have had and was as good as advertised. I highly recommend it.

The Alamo Springs Cafe is a very unique place and worth the trip. During the season of the bats, you can go late, sit outside, and watch the 3 million bats exit both ends of the old train tunnel.

Alamo Springs Cafe

Front of Alamo Springs Cafe



Brad about to eat the Alamo Springs Cafe hamburger


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