All Points Bullentin…..Camper Stolen!!!!

It is hard to believe but some low life scumbag has stolen our 5th wheel trailer! We are in total shock! Cars and trucks are fairly easy to steal (I don’t know that from experience) but to steal a 14,000 pound 5th wheel trailer from a fenced and locked storage area took some planning.

We had just brought the trailer back from The Farm Country RV Park in Medina, Texas on the 25th of March and put it into the storage area. The storage facility we use is fenced and has two locked gates. Unfortunately there are no security cameras installed. It is not a large facility so the owner issues each person a key for the locks on the gates. When I went to the facility yesterday, I could not see my camper from the road as I usually can. When I pulled up to the gate, I thought that I was either dreaming or because I’m 66 years old I had gone to the wrong storage facility. I got out of the truck and sure enough the key worked so I was at the correct place. The camper was missing! I stood there in shock and disbelief for about 5 mintues. Then I thought to myself, did I take the camper in for repair and forget that I had done so. Like an idiot, I called my wife and asked her that question and then I called the only place I take the camper for repair and asked them. I just had to be sure! Well, some no good for nothing low life jerk has my camper!

Whoever took the trailer knows trailers. I have a pullrite auto sliding hitch. Therefore the pin box had a special plate installed that allows the hitch to function. They would have had to know before hand that the plate needed to come off or they had a pullrite hitch or they had the adaptor that you can get that will allow a standard hitch to hook up. Also, they or someone they know had a key to the facility.

So I guess there is a lesson to be learned? I never thought that I would need a lock to put on the kingpin like I do on my boat trailer and utility trailer. I figured that it is too big for someone to steal. Wrong!! My new trailer, and there will be one, will have a lock placed on the kingpin when not attached to the truck. A GPS locating system might also be appropriate.

Below you will find a few pictures of my trailer. If you should see it, please email me at This Old Campsite. I would like the pleasure of having someone prosecuted just after I beat the crap out of them. I might need some help though. Like I said, I’m 66 years old.

Camper and truck

Camper in Medina


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