An update on the cracks in our Bighorn RV

The previous post that I wrote told of the cracks that were found in the weld joints of our Bighorn 5th wheel. In that post I said that there might be other cracks in the front of the camper where the weld joints are cracked. A few days ago, the dealer called and told me that Heartland had finally informed the frame manufacturer that I had cracks in the frame of the camper. They, Lippert, called the dealer and asked them to pull the end cap loose at the bottom. The end cap didn’t need to be pulled off but only back far enough so that the dealer could see if there were any other cracks around the frame area. This would also allow them to get some better pictures of the damage.

The dealer called me and said that they had pulled the end cap back and they found one other crack in the aluminum ribbing that attaches to the frame. The question was, “did I want to come and take a looked”? Most certainly I wanted to take a look! After seeing that crack, I am wondering what other damage can be there. I guess we won’t know until the side panel is removed to repair the crack in the side panel that was caused by the flexing of the frame.

This is a repair that most certainly will have to be preformed at the factory by Heartland. I have no idea at this time as to when the repair will be done or how long it will take once it is started. All I know is that we have been inconvenienced a number of times over the past year by problems with this camper. We are supposed to be leaving for Maryland on the 1st of October, but I have my doubts that that will happen.

I am going to post a couple of pictures below. The one of the weld joint is difficult to see since it is black on black and I couldn’t get any contrast. I know where the crack is and can make it out. The second picture shows the crack in the aluminum and shows well.

Crack in weld joint

Crack in weld joint of frame


Crack in Aluminum frame

Visible crack in the aluminum tubing



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