Annual trip to Arlington, Texas for Special Olympics

We are in Arlington, Texas for the annual Special Olympics event. It is held over the Memorial Day weekend each year. There are numerous different events but our grandson participates in the basketball competion.

As usual we are staying in the Treetops Carefree RV Resort. This campground is very convenient, as it is only 5 miles or so from the University of Texas at Arlington, where the Special Olympics events are held. This campground is always well kept, but this year it looks especially nice since they have had rain and the grass and plants are looking good. They also have someone here with a green thumb and an inclination for landscaping.


Garden at Treetops Carefree RV Resort

On this trip, we pulled or 5th wheel with our new GMC 3500 HD dually. I am very impressed with the performance of the new truck. I had said many times that I would never buy a dually, but now I’m glad that I did. My other truck was a 2500 three quarter ton truck that quite honestly was a little undersize for the trailer that we have. With this truck we have a lot of pulling power to spare. If we decide to go to a larger trailer, we won’t have to buy another truck.


My new dually


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