Another case made for microchipping your pet

Awhile back I put an article on my website,This Old Campsite about the advantages of implanting a microchip in your pet as a method of locating your pet if it should become lost. Read the article to see the advantages and possible negatives of microchipping. I personally believe that the positives outweigh the negatives. We have had a chip put in our dog Missy.


There was an article in the Houston Chronicle that supports having a microchip in your pet. A California couple were reunited with their cat after 13 years. The cat was last seen by the couple in 1995, this is 2008. The cat was found by a mobile home park manager who found the sickley cat and gave him to an animal hospital. A microchip implanted in the cat, George, allow him to be tracked back to his owners. After the cat went missing, the couple searched animal shelters and veterinarians in search of their cat who know weighs only half of his 14 pounds when it was lost. The couple says that George is now eating well and starting to act like his old self. Without the microchip, George’s life might have had a much different ending.


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