Another name change

Since I have been posting information about campgrounds on my website, there have been a number of campgrounds that have changed their names. Mostly they have been going from a KOA name to a private name or from a private name to a KOA name. There has been one private campground that I know of that was sold and then changed their name. It is difficult for me to keep up with the name changes when they occur unless someone visits the campground and notices that there is a new name. The KOA folks are good at notifying me when a campground looses it’s affiliation with KOA. I’ve never had them tell me when a campground has joined the KOA family. Now I’ll see if the do!

Lake Side RV Resort and Marina has just joined the KOA family and changed their name. They will now be known as Onalaska/Lake Livingston KOA. We stayed at that campground about two years ago and had a very nice visit. They are right on Lake Livingston and have some nice amenities including a marina and restaurant. We plan on going back their in April before the temperature gets too hot and drives us off to Colorado. The catfish seem to bite really well in April and they have a nice area for fishing. When we were there last time my grandson and I caught a lot of catfish.

The campground will still be the same campground but with a different name. The real question for me is whether or not they will raise their rates. We all know that in business when your expenses go up you have to charge a little more for your services or else you can’t make money. The main expense that I can see changing here is the franchise fee that I suppose the campground will have to pay KOA. So the bottom line is that KOA will have to bring value to the campground in order for the campground to attract more campers. Perhaps if the campground has more sites filled on a regular basis, then they can hold their prices steady and still pay KOA. Just wondering?


Name will be Onalaska/Lake Livingston KOA



View of Lake Livingston form entrance of campground


Fishing at Lake Livingston

Catfish caught at Onalaska/Lake Livingston KOA



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