Another trip out to Farm Country RV Park

Last week we made a trip out to Medina, Texas to stay in our camper at the Farm Country RV Park. We leave the camper parked on one of the sites for 6 months and go out for at least one week per month to get away from the crowds here and enjoy the peace and quite of the hill country.

The owner of the campground is putting in 6 more large RV sites to add to the 60 that are currently there. All of the sites at this campground are very large and some of them have nice views of the hills to the southeast. I have never been to a campground that has RV sites as large as this one does.

Rumor around the campground has it that other changes are coming.  No one knows what the changes might be but I can think of some things that need to be done.  There is a small club house near the front of the campground but it does not have any bathroom facilities.  There needs to be one there for the convenience of people who are having events at the clubhouse.  Most of the people who stay in the campground are at least as old as I and many are somewhat older.  When you got to go, you need a place to go…..if you know what I mean?  I think the owner should build another larger club house farther up in the park and have restrooms and showers as well as kitchen facilities.  That way you could have a more effective place to have parties.  From my stand point, I would like to see cable TV and WiFi added to the park.  Of course we know that added amenities come at a cost.  Oh well, the owner will do what he thinks is best.

As I said, we just enjoy going out to the hill country for a change of pace.  On Wednesday night we went to the 11th Street Cowboy Bar for steak night.  You take your own steak, or other meat of your choice, and cook on the large grills that are available.  There’s always a live band that provides the dance music.  There’s always a nice group from the campground that goes out on Wednesday nights.  The Buckhorn Lake RV Resort in Kerrville provides a bus and brings folks in for the steak night.  It is always a good time.

Another place that we enjoy going while in Medina is over to Camp Verde for lunch.  They have really good sandwiches and it is always crowded for lunch.  You can go to the Camp Verde page of the website to see pictures of the place.  They are planning to add a large addition to their building giving them a much larger dinning area.

We also took a drive out to Rocksprings, Texas so that we could look at some land for our son-in-law.  We were going to take a drive anyway so we killed two birds with one drive.  The route that we took over to Rocksprings isn’t a pretty a drive as the route that we took back.  We came back through Camp Wood on Highway 55 and then on Ranch Road 337 from Camp Wood  to Leaky.  When we arrived in Leaky it was just time for dinner so we ate at Mama Choles Mexican Food.  They really have good Mexican food.  From Leaky we stayed on Ranch Road 337 to Vanderpool and then back to Medina.  That drive is one of the prettiest drives in the Texas Hill Country.  If you are ever in the area, you need to take the drive.

Campsite at Farm Country RV Park

A new site at Farm Country RV Park


RV site

Another view of new RV site area



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