Another trip without a camper.

This past weekend was the annual Special Olympics State Tournament in Arlington, Texas. We have a grandson with special needs who lives with us and participates in the Special Olmypics Basketball part of the annual event. We usually take our camper to the tournaments, but those of you who read my blog know that we had our 5th wheel camper stolen on Easter Sunday evening. When we go to Arlington, we always stay at the Tree Tops Care Free RV Resort. However, this time we did the hotel thing with my grandson’s other teammates since we were without camper.

When we made the trip north to Arlington, we stopped at the same two places that we have been stopping at for a number of years. We, like many people are creatures of habit and tend to repeat the same events over and over. Maybe that’s called being in a rut, but some ruts are just nice to be in. Anyway, we have been stopping at the Collin Street Bakerystore on I-45 in Corsicana, Texas since they opened it. The original store is located in downtown Corsicana on….you guessed it, Collin Street. It is a great bakery and famous for its Fruit Cake. Don’t laugh about the Fruit Cake! I never liked fruit cake until my mother-in-law introduced me to one many years ago at Christmas. It is the ONLY fruit cake that I will eat, and it is absolutely delicious. I still buy one every Christmas. Because the store downtown is not convenient for travelers, they got smart and put a store on the freeway. Everything that we have ever bought at the bakery is just plain good. Our thing now is to stop either going or coming and buy their Angel Food Cake. I think it is the best Angel Food Cake that you’ll ever eat. If you find yourself on I-45 going through Corsicana, Texas, it is worth a stop at the bakery. No….I don’t get any kickbacks, I just like the place.

Another place that is worth a stop is Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield, Texas. Sam’s has one of the best buffets that you will ever find. It is extremely popular with the locals and has become very popular with travelers up and down I-45. The food is what I called good “home style cooking”. You might even call it good “country cooking”. Whatever you call it, it is just plain good food. We stopped there on Sunday on our way home from the Special Olympics and I think almost all of the other participants from the greater Houston area were there as well. No…I don’t get any kickbacks from Sam’s either. We just like the place!

There is a brand new Bucees in Madisonville, Texas on I-45 but we didn’t stop there. We usually stop at the Bucees on I-10 going to the Hill Country. However, our grandchildren can’t pass up a Bucees. My daughter came to the tournament in Arlington and brought her other four children. She had to stop at Bucees going and coming.

The reason for our trip, as I said, was to attend the state Special Olympics for Texas in Arlington. This event is put on by SOTX(Special Olympics of Texas). This is a wonderful organization that provides people of all ages with special needs the opportunity to participate in athletic events of all types. It is very rewarding to watch these athletes put their heart and soul into their events. The Special Olympics always needs support, so if you can, support the Special Olympics in your state.

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