Attack of the squirrel

It’s not enough that I do damage to my rig, or that we have problems caused by shoddy workmanship but now the wildlife is getting in on the act.  Having a squirrel attack my rig is a first for us but not a first in a world filled with ravaging bushy tailed rodents.

We came out to the Farm Country RV Park about a week ago to spend some time away from the multitudes north of Houston.  On about the second day of our stay, my wife said that she was hearing some noise coming from the back of the trailer.  I came back to listen but all I could hear was the bit of noise our ceiling fan was making.  She said that that wasn’t what she was hearing.  I listened and heard something briefly but then it stopped and we didn’t hear it again.

We were going to leave this past Monday and leave the camper here as usual.  Everything was packed.  The dog and cat were in the truck and the ATV trailer hooked on the back.  As I made my turn past the back of the camper, I saw something hanging below the back left corner.  I stopped to see what it was.  There hanging down from underneath the camper was a mass of wires.  My first thought was that the wires had been cut by the rear slide as it came in causing the wires to fall out.  I put the slide out and could then see that the wires were chewed in many places by a renegade squirrel.

So how do I know it was a squirrel?  The day before this event, I had seen a squirrel snooping around the area where we park.  The next day I heard the little scamp running across the roof of the trailer.  The day that we were preparing to leave, my grandson took a picture with his cell phone camera of him/her perched on the back ladder of the trailer.  I also know that squirrels can be very destructive and they like to eat plastic and the rubber on electrical wiring.  The noise that my wife heard was the squirrel chewing away at the wires under the trailer.

When I first saw the wires hanging down from under the trailer, I was afraid that they might be for the trailer lights.  As it turns out, the five wires that were chewed into were for the surround sound stereo system for the trailer.  There is no way I can go camping without surround sound, so I had to fix the problem.  We ended up staying for a few more days so that I could patch the wires and get things back to normal.

This is the ninth year that we have been enjoying the camping lifestyle and this is the first time that this type of thing has happened to us.  Like most other things, you don’t think about them until they happen to you.  Just like when our camper was stolen, I had never heard of that happening but found out that it happens frequently.  Now that we have been attacked by a squirrel, we are hearing a lot of stories about the damage that has been done in this park and in other parks.

Now that it has happened, we worry about it happening again.  I just saw a squirrel go by the window as I’m typing this post.  How do you prevent the little devils from doing the same thing again?  Most people say that there is no fool proof solution, short of eradicating all of the squirrels.  We are a little afraid to leave the trailer here but then it could happen anywhere at any time.  We may never have the problem again.  Let’s hope so anyway.

Wires under camper

Damaged wires under trailer

Brad under camper

Do it yourself repairman



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