Back from Concan and the Frio River

Each year we make a trip with the family to the Frio River area. We stay at Parkview Riverside RV Park which is across the Frio River from Garner State Park. Up until this year we had been going over the Memorial Day weekend but this year we didn’t go until the second week in June. The schools here in Texas changed their schedules so that school didn’t get out until after the Memorial Day weekend. That upset many family schedules but everybody adjusted. As I understand the campground was almost empty over that otherwise very crowded weekend. We will have to make the adjustment and start going out that second week in June from now on, but we will continue the family tradition as long as we can.

The Frio River and Garner State park is just a great place to take a family camping trip. My wife and I started going to Garner when we were in our early teens and I’m now 65. We did not know each other in those years but could have crossed paths without knowing it. After we were married and had our own children, we took them when they were young. Now we are going back and taking not only our children but many of our 10 grandchildren. The grandchildren can’t wait until summer rolls around so they can go back to the Frio River and Garner State Park.

This year has been a dry year in that part of the country, so the river was low and not good for tubing, which is the main event while there. Most years the river is up and the tubing is great. Last year there was an abundance of rain and the river was higher than I had ever seen it. We were able to tube in places where I had never tubed before. It is great fun to get a group of adults and children and set out on tubes and spend 3 to 4 hours tubing down the river.

So what do you do on the Frio when the water isn’t high and you can’t tube, you asked? Even if the water isn’t high enough to tube, there is plenty of water to play in. In the Garner area where we were, there is a small dam that provides a nice place to swim or just sit in the cold water and take life easy. There are several deep pools of water where the kids can jump from the rocks into the water or swing from ropes and drop into the water. There is horseback riding at the Elm Creek Stables, there is a nightly dance at Garner, which is great family fun, helicopter rides are availble during the summer months and hiking if you like to hike. Several times during the summer, the House Pasture Restaurant has live entertainment on weekends. You can also drive over to Lost Maples State Park and take a number of their hiking paths. Ther is a nightly hay ride at Neils Lodge in Concan. There are things to do at the Frio even when the water is low.

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  • Nice site and blog! We are glad to have folks like you in Frio Country.. Parkview Riverside is a very nice RV Park. Water is not optimal right now but the crowds are still large and many are lounging/swimming at the Crossings like Mager’s (Down the road from Parkview). Hope you enjoyed your stay this year and every year.

    Take Care,

  • b_pilot

    Thanks for the comment. We love the Hill Country and come out there frequently.

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