Back home again

SWe returned from our trip to Maryland a few days ago. We had a nice trip and stayed at some nice campgrounds and saw the fall leaves starting to turn. At our campground in Gettysburg, the leaves were well on their way to their fall beauty. However, as we went south along the east coast the color was less noticeable. Last year our visit to Maryland was about 2 weeks later so the fall colors were more vibrant.

On our way up to Maryland, we took I-10 north of New Orleans and picked up I-59 north and stopped at Sun Roamers RV Resort in Picayune, MS. Sun Roamers appears to be a fairly old campground but it is in very good shape. The folks there were very nice and wanted to make sure that we had an enjoyable stay. The next day we left and went up to Chattanooga, TN and stayed at Best Holiday Trav-L-Park. You’ll notice the word “Holiday” in the name of the park. This and a number of other campgrounds were at once owned by Holiday Inn. I had forgotten that the Holiday Inn chain had at one time been involved with RV campgrounds. This was another nice park. The only problem we saw here was that with the large amount of rain that they had, the tent area and the small backin sites were pretty much under water. There was one tent camper there and he was having trouble staying out of the water.

From Chattanooga, we went to Staunton, VA and stayed at Staunton Walnut Hills KOA. This campground had just joined the KOA franchise a few weeks before our visit. It was previously known as Walnut Hills RV Park (I think). This is a nice campground located in the Shenandoah Valley. They have a nice lake and some of the campsites are up on a hill overlooking the rest of the campground. The next day had us in Gettysburg around 1 PM.

We stayed there for six days to visit with our son and his family. When we left we made the short drive down to Williamsburg, VA and stay at the American Heritage RV Park. We were there for a couple of days and did the Historic Williamsburg and Jamestown tours. From there we went to Savannah, GA so the wife could go to Paula Deen’s restaurant the “Lady and Sons”. We couldn’t get a reservation due the the immense popularity of Paula Deen in the cooking world. My wife never passes up the chance to buy a cook book, so she bought two more of Paula’s books. Since my wife likes recipes, she is in charge of the recipe pages on our website.

After leaving Savannah, we took another three days to get home. The days were short which made it more of a relaxing trip home. One of our stops was at the Navarre Beach Campground in Navarre Beach, FL. We got there just before noon so we had the afternoon to relax and take a short drive down Navarre Beach and into Santa Rosa Island across from Pensacola, FL. That brougth back memories for me since it was just a short 46 years ago that I reported for flight training in Pensacola, FL. My how things have changed over the last 46 years. However, there were a few buildings there on Santa Rosa Island that were there 46 years ago.

Anyway, we had a good trip. Put 4160 more miles on the truck and camper. That’s over 10,000 miles this year and we still have some more driving to do, but not much.


A few pictures on Navarre Beach.
Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach


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