Back Home and waiting to get wet!

We returned from our trip to Colorado and New Mexico late last week. While on the trip we were concerned about Hurricane Gustof that was threating the Gulf Coast, so we started home a little early. Some people asked us why. The best answer that we could give was that it was a personal decision to protect our home. Well Gustof went to New Orleans but guess what, we are now awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Ike. Looks like we will take a direct hit in The Woodlands. We need the rain but can do without the wind. Twenty five years ago, we went through Hurricane Alicia and it really made a mess.

Our trip took us to Estes Park, Colorado for about three weeks. We have been to Estes Park for the last 5 years. What a beautiful place! We stay at Elk Meadow Lodge and RV Resort while in Estes. We have reservations there for a month next year. The park is just about 3 miles from the south entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. We spend most of our time in the National Park because we like to fish and hike. They have over 350 miles of hiking trails so it will take me a long time to hit as many of the trails as I can, some of which I hike more than once.

While in Estes I had some technical troubles with my computer. My wife spilled a glass of milk on my keyboard while I was using the computer. Strang things happened with the computer but as time went by it began to regained its senses. I also had trouble getting a good WiFi connection at Estes until the day before we left. The WiFi antennae was hit by lightning last year and they just now fixed it. I have an aircard but we don’t get a good Sprint signal in Estes. In fact, this was the first year that we have gotten any signal in Estes.

When we left Estes, we went to Durango, Colorado for the first time. We saw some absolutely gorgeous senery in the San Juan mountains! I will talk more about that in another blog. From there we went to Mesa Verde to see the Cliff Dwellings. We only spent one full day there since we wanted to get headed toward Texas for the storm. We drove 11 hours to get to Carlsbad, New Mexico. The next morning we could tell that the storm was going to turn and go to New Orleans so we stayed in Carlsbad for a few days and went to the caverns. I was last at the caverns 51 years ago. We took the trip down into the cave and what a site. For those who have never been there, it is worth the trip.

While on our drive through the San Juan mountains, my wife picked up a business card for a website call Artful RV Adventures. This is put up by a couple who seem to be on a long term adventure. A very nice site!

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