Back in Medina again

We are a little late this year making our annual trek to Medina, TX for the winter months. Our plans were to be here the last of October or at least by the first of November. We needed to be here in order to be set up before the opening day of deer season here in Texas. However, because of all of the problems that we have had with our camper we didn’t make it until the 6th of November which unfortunately was the opening day of deer season. This is the first time in many years that I have missed opening day of deer season. I know that the deer out at the lease in Rocksprings, TX were terribly disappointed that I wasn’t there.

Our plans were to leave home around noon on the 6th so that we could be here and set up on the site before it got dark. So we finally made it off our street at about 2 PM, which is pretty much true to form for our planning. After driving all of 10 miles down I-45, the wife decided that it was time for coffee. Her point was that if we didn’t stop now there would be no place to stop until well on the west side of Houston. So we stopped at the Flying J on I-45 so that she could have her afternoon fix.  We then had to make our traditional stop in Luling, Texas at Buckee’s for the benefit of my grandson. The problem is I can’t very easily get my 38 foot camper into the pumps at Buckee’s so we go across the freeway to Loves Truck Stop to get diesel and then go to Buckee’s. Needless to say, that takes extra time to make two stops in the same area but we never get in too much of a hurry.

We arrived here in Medina at the Farm Country RV Park just after 8 PM and it was definitely dark. I suppose that our moto should be, ‘why arrive in daylight when we can arrive after dark’. After all, it is more challenging to set up in the dark than in daylight.

I thought that when my friend Bob saw our lights that he would come over and help set up or at least hold a flashlight so that I could see. But no, Bob stayed in his camper and then told me the next morning that he wasn’t feeling well. He looked pretty good to me but I had to take his word for it. So our only welcoming committee were the whitetail deer and the black buck antelope, but they didn’t offer to help either.

It is good to be back in the Texas Hill Country here at the Farm Country RV Park. Most all of the regulars are here at the park but there are a few who still haven’t made it back but are on their way. We found that there have been a few changes at the park. Homer, the owner of the park, is putting in six more RV sites at the top of the hill here in the park. All of the new sites are very large just like the old sites and have nice views from the top of hill. There is also some new signage replacing some of the old signs that needed to be replaced. The new signs were designed and built by Larry who is one of the regular residents of the park. Larry is truly very artistic and did a great job on the new signs.

Every Wednesday night is steak night at the 11st Street Bar and Saloon in Bandera, Texas.  There is always a large group of folks from the campground who go to the Wednesday night event.  However, this week we went on Thursday night, last night, since they were hosting an event honoring veterans of all wars and those who are currently serving in the military.  There was a cover charge for everyone except for us veterans.  The cover charge provided for all the hot dogs you could eat and a live band.  At one point during the event, the MC held up two hats that had the wording “Bandera Honors Veterans 2010”.  He said that the first person to come forward could have a hat.  I didn’t move on that but when he said that the next one was available I thought, ‘that’s a good looking hat and I’d like to have it’.  Since I had already been on the dance floor, I knew that the floor had been covered with that slick as snot dance floor dust.  As I ran forward to beat the others to the hat, I ran very gingerly trying not to slip.  When I tried to stop, my feet came out from under me and I looked like I was sliding into home plate at a ball game.  I used my hands to break the fall but it hurt as the floor was concrete and not dirt.  The other guy thought that he had beat me but the MC felt sorry for me and awarded me the hat.  I truly felt like an idiot, and I know it must have been quite a sight to see an old fart falling flat out on the floor while running to get a cap. 

Picture of hat

Hat from Veteran's event

Brad and hat

My hat and I

All of the problems that we have had with this new camper seem to be behind us now.  Hopefully, things will go well and we will be able to leave the camper here until the end of April next year.  We are looking forward to enjoying being with our good friends here at the campground and enjoying this wonderful part of Texas.

Sign for campground

New sign for campground

Sign for campground

Another new sign

Sign for campground

Another of Larry's signs



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