Back in The Woodlands

Yesterday we departed The Farm Country RV Park in Medina, Texas about 2:30 pm and arrived home just before 9 pm. Because we have to come through Houston to get home, we either leave The Farm Country RV Park between 8 & 9 am or wait until about 3 pm. That way we are either ahead of the rush hour traffic or we are late enough that the rush is over.

The trip home was pretty much uneventful. Our cat has really gotten accustomed to riding in the truck, so on this trip she didn’t get sick or poop! As we came through Luling, Texas on Interstate 10 we made our usual stop at Buc-EE’s for Diesel and a restroom break. In a previous Blog, I mentioned about how close it is to get a large trailer into and out of the fuel pumps. Well, it looks like someone didn’t quite make it as they had taken out pump number 32. I assume that a trailer did the damage but it could have been some idiot talking on his/her cell phone while pulling in for gas. At any rate, I was especially careful as I pulled out of the pump area.

As we were traveling down Interstate 10 and prior to reaching Buc-EE’s, my wife had already decided that we would not eat at Buc-EE’s since it was still a little early. Instead, we made a stop at another of our favorite places to eat. We stopped in Sealy, Texas and got Barbecue at Hinze’s Barbecue. The restaurant dosen’t have space for a trailer so we have to park across the road at what used to be a Wal Mart. There is plenty of space to park there. Since we have the animals with us, we get our food to go and eat in the camper.

Hinze’s Barbecue is the best barbecue that I have ever eaten, but what really makes this place are the sides that they have to go with the barbecue. They have a black-eyed pea salad that is absolutely wonderful…at least for me. The other thing that I like is the bacon and onion potatoes. Everything else that they have is just good food! The Hinze in Sealy is the second restaurant that they own. The orginal Hinze is in Wharton, Texas on Highway 59. If you are traveling down Highway 59 at eating time and plan on stopping at Hinze’s, be prepared to wait a spell, but not too long. It truly is a great place for Barbecue!

As we continued towards home, the clouds became thicker and the threat of rain became more obvious. Rain had been forcast for earlier in the day but had not materialized. However, when we got to the west side of Houston and darkness fell, we started seeing lightning in the distance. Just as we got to the north side of Houston, my ex son-in-law called on the cell phone to tell us that there was a tornado watch for The Woodlands area. Just what I wanted to hear while pulling a large trailer! As we turned onto Interstate 45, the wind picked up in velocity and the rain began in earnest. At that time we weren’t far from home and we were hoping that the rain would slack up before we got there.

We live on the corner of a culdesac and park the trailer on the side of the house that faces the culdesac. In order to park there, I have to back into the street and then pull forward to get as close to the edge as possible. So now I have two things working against me. First it is dark and second it is RAINING. It took several tries to get the trailer parked, but we made it. However, on the first (what looked like a successful attempt) I got too close and ran off into the grass. Rather than leave it in the grass, I pulled it out and on the next attempt got it right. So, who is to blame for the deep rut in the grass? I blame my wife because she was on that side. She blames me simply because I was driving. Can you believe that! Oh well, no harm done! My wife is just going to have to get out there and fill in the rut. She says that we’ll do it together, but I know who will end up doing it. It’ll be me and the mouse she has in her pocket.

Rut in yard

Now that we are home, it is time to start thinking about our summer trip to the west. We always go to Estes Park, Colorado, but try to go to at least a couple other places either before or after Estes. While in Estes, we stay at Elk Meadows Lodge and RV Resort.

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