Bring it on Ike!

Well, the preperations are complete. The windows are boarder up, the patio is clear, the water is in, we’ve got batteries, food and at least one beer. Now we wait for the storm to come. We are ready for the battle, but then we’re 50 miles inland. We’re ready for anything, until the first tree falls. My wife’s biggest concern seems to be how will the camper survive. Last time, hurricane Rita, we took the camper up north to a campground and then came home. This time we put it under cover at the storage facility. With any luck it will survive. We have come to love that camper and will be devistated if we loose it.

There is already 150,000 people without power. It is only time before we loose our power and it could be out for quite awhile. Some people in Louisiana are still without power from hurricane Gustov. We were only without power for 3 days 25 years ago with hurricane Alicia. I have a generator but I don’t think my wife will let me use it for the computer. Let’s hope for the best!

This Old Campsite.


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