Camper still missing!! Do you know where your camper is?

Well, here we are into the second week of my camper gone missing. The absolute scum of the earth, dirt bag has not seen fit to recognized the error of his/hers ways and return my camper. Did I expect them to? Not really. When you are scum of the earth, what belongs to others is really meant for you. That’s their belief.

I got on a forum the last couple of days and posted the story of my missing camper. I wanted to know if other folks have had the same problem or known of someone who has had. I was surprised to find out just how bad the problem is. There seems to be a lot of stealing in camperland. You really don’t think of people pulling up to and hooking up to campers and hauling them off. It is easy to see where cars can be taken, but not campers. We were visiting with a camper salesman yesterday and he told us about one of their Kountry Aire 5th wheels which was taken off their lot. They were lucky and found the camper in a run down campground not too far from where it was stolen. Of course the camper was trashed inside. A friend of mine emailed me today and said that there is a camper dealership between the Houston Airport and his home that has a sign out front offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever has stolen campers off his lot.

Well, the beat goes on! Life goes on! We are starting to look for a new camper. We love camping and will not let this unfortunate event keep us from what we enjoy. We have to wait for the insurance company to settle but we need to have a trailer picked out when the time comes. The sad thing is, we are having a hard time finding a trailer that we like as much as the one we lost. When we bought our camper, it just reached out and grabbed us. Haven’t found one like that yet, but I know it is out there. This is definitely a buyers market. Sales of travel trailers are flat to down but sales of motorhomes are down 35%. That is from the sales people at the dealerships. Car and truck sales are down 35% also. Found that out today while looking at trucks.

On a positive upbeat note, we had a very pleasant surprise just a few hours ago. One of our neighbors who we know only in passing came to the door with flowers for my wife and I. They heard from another neighbor about the loss of our trailer and wanted us to know how sad and sorry they were for our loss. What an absolutely wonderful surprise that was for us. That just shows you the two ends of the spectrum. On the one end you have the scum bag who steals your property and on the other are the genuinely caring people who think of you in times of trouble.


Do you know where your camper is? Please take it from me and get a king pin lock, or tongue lock for a travel trailer. The stealing is getting worse.


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