Camping is for the family

I recently received our community magazine and there was an article in it relating to the Family Camping Experience. It features Camp Ter-Ra-mont where you can “Get away from it all…..without leaving The Woodlands”. The idea is to go camping with the family and reconnect with nature. It is only a one night event but what a great idea! It is a good time to introduce children of all ages to what it is like to get out of the house and enjoy what nature has to offer.

When I was young, I was a Boy Scout and was introduced to camping under the stars even without tents. I had a good time camping out and have fond memories of the many things that I was able to experience. Scouting, whether Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts is a good way to teach our kids about nature and get them out of the house.

When I grew up and had my own family, for some reason we never did any family camping. My wife and I often ask ourselves why we didn’t camp with the kids since we both enjoy the outdoors. However, I did have all of the kids involved in some sort of outdoor activities which invloved camping. It was always one child at a time but the wife never came. I can’t say that they were thrilled, but we did have some good times.

Now we are in the camping business by way of RVing. Although we never did any camping with our kids while they were growing up, we are now doing a lot of camping with them and our grandchildren. The grandchildren thoroughly enjoy camping and being with us. It gets them out in the outdoors where they can experience the joy of nature. One of our favorite things to do is to sit out at night and look up at the stars and watch for satellites to pass overhead and catch an occassional shooting star. For the last number of years, we have been making an annual trip to Concan, Texas and staying at Parkview Riverside RV Park. The park is on the Frio River across from Garner State Park. We spend a week tubing in the Frio River, hiking, swimming and taking the kids to the nightly dance over at Garner State Park. Families here in Texas have been going to Garner State Park for generations. I went there as a child, took our children there and now we are taking our grandchildren. I hightly recommend that families get out and go camping. It can be in tents or RVs, just get out and go!

The following pictures were taken last year on our trip to Concan.

Family Eating

Family at river

Jane and kids

Family at Stables


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